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CalPERS to exit hedge funds 2014 – a 2004 Fiduciary Caution redux?
We wrote ten years ago in 2004 about hedge funds, including suggestions and questions to improve prudence.  Recently, CalPERS seems to have determined for [...]
Bank loan, leveraged loan investments – abundance of caution
Is 2007 happening again? This time in bank or leveraged loan funds? Regarding Bank Loan investment market: “It will be hard to call the exact move in [...]
Are you invested with a Financial Drug Dealer?
How can you tell?  They don’t or won’t talk about much less recommend low-cost passive index funds.  And they don’t or won’t talk about or own up to [...]
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The SPORT of kings, Dumb Ass Partner – why horse racing fans should be bank regulators
According to the NY Times, “a 36th year went by without another Triple Crown champion, and California Chrome joined 12 other horses who could not get to [...]
Acting as trustee
Acting as a trustee?  Better go to acting classes… A recent consultation involving asset protection trust strategies redounded to a very basic observation [...]
SEC CSE 10th Anniversary
The SEC commissioners conducted a brief 55 minute hearing on April 28, 2004 that set the stage for the global financial crisis (GFC) which began to unfold [...]
Clippers owner, fiduciary and the Brotherhood (of man)
The owner of the LA Clippers is apparently a wealthy man, and a fiduciary.   He seems secure enough (from an asset perspective) to say the things TMZ [...]
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Private Equity Forensic Audit
Look up in the sky, is it a bird or a plane, no it’s PE, no not the price earnings ratio, not phys ed, or public engineer nor proper elimination and [...]
Layers of Trust Beneficiary and Investor protection?
United States Constitution Congress Flag of the United States Federal Reserve Board SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) FASB (Financial Accounting [...]
Legalized Pot, Marijuana Stocks and Trust Fiduciary Account Implications
Ever since medical marijuana and recently recreational pot became legal in two states, marijuana stocks are popping up to serve new customers, create sales [...]