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Chris McConnell & Associates was founded in 2003.  Believed to be among the first independent, consulting-only practices devoted to objective audits, training and analysis of fiduciary performance.  Mr. McConnell became a designated ACCREDITED INVESTMENT FIDUCIARY AUDITOR in 2003.

Over 30 years experience as expert and consultant including 19 years in the securities industry. 17 years in management, at two major Wall St. broker dealers in national, regional and branch positions.

Since 1983, Mr McConnell’s experience includes supervision of the accounting and compensation areas of a major Wall St securities primary broker dealer national, regional and branch office private client group.  He modeled one of the first principal protection equity investments.  Served on the firm’s  real estate strategy executive committee, designed business policies for commissions, fees, margin, stock loan / securities lending, rebates and money market mutual funds sweep and insured deposit accounts.  Developed compliance, surveillance and supervisory reports for customer account reviews.   Each position or project included extensive interaction with Information Technology IT areas, forming an extensive depth of experience linking IT, internal firm profit, sales management, back office operations, compliance, supervision and training.

Securities and insurance licenses previously held included Series 3, 4, 7, 9, 63 and 65; California Life Insurance, Annuities and Long term care insurance licenses.

Mr McConnell brings a unique background to a limited number of engagements: 1) advanced fiduciary AIFA training, 2) actual hands-on major Wall St. broker dealer experience, 3) BA in Economics & accounting, 4) Master of Business Administration, MBA and 5) passed the CPA exam which taken together can span the breadth and probe into the inner dynamics of a bank, credit union, financial services firm, investment adviser or securities broker dealer or any other LEI connected to the financial system (such as a payments processing provider) from the CEO, Board of Directors, Officers of the Corporation, headquarters level through a regional office, product manager, branch office to stockbroker’s or sales trader (or more recently a group or team’s) sales solicitation, recommendations and customer’s account statement performance.  Frequently, identification of external third parties may be warranted for compliance and other industry related reviews.

Compensation, Valuation & Employment areas of Mr McConnell’s expertise include:

Securities, investment adviser, financial planning industry compensation expert for traders, stock brokers, financial planners, wealth managers, portfolio managers, branch managers, regional managers, product wholesalers.

Retention bonus, Retention awards, Forgivable loans, Promissory notes, Recruiting, Training and Reg SP.

Branch manager and regional manager compensation expert.

Branch, product or service, business unit (P&L) valuation and analysis, valuation of a broker’s book, branch and regional P&L’s

Investment product marketing, distribution; sales force and market penetration studies.

Approved Continuing Legal Education seminar provider, California State Bar Association, “Investment Fiduciary Responsibilities for Trustees and Fiduciaries”

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