Currency paper coins photoNew expert family asset protection and security worldwide exclusively for Professional Athletes, Creative Artists, Executives, Entrepreneurs and High Net Worth investors.  McFideo™ protects any asset in trust accounts; family trusts, IRAs, IRA Rollover accounts, Pensions, 401k; trust beneficiaries’ and remaindermen’s distributions, inheritances; and charities’, non-profits’, foundations’ and endowments’ (health, social services, museums, faith – based, rehabilitative, disabled, educational, cultural, child, animal welfare, environmental, etc.) often named as trust beneficiary.

When, not if the next Ponzi scheme hits, there’s nothing like avoiding an adviser with conflicts of interestscams, unsuitable, speculative or inappropriate investments.  Adviser, broker or hedge fund manager compensation must be understood and appropriate in terms of the trust’s purposes and instrument..  

As we age, become busy or distracted investors can get overwhelmed, uneasy or intimidated asking their adviser questions.  Charities‘ board members or investment committees change, staying on top of important financial and investment details and changes in the US, international stock, bond, futures and currency markets at the same time can be daunting task for any one person let alone a group or non-profit organization.

Unfortunately, sometimes trusted advisers are not adequately prepared for your account review, and may proffer evasive, incomplete or half-truth answers knowing that you wouldn’t know the difference.

This is your serious money, take prudent steps to protect your estate, heirs, alma mater and other favorite causes and charities.  In effect do all you can to protect your legacy against unproven, speculative investments, financial scams, Ponzi schemes or the next Bernie Madoff, financial predators or poor advice with McFideo™


In nearly every dispute whether trust or non-trust account, IRA, ERISA pension retirement benefit plan, charity, non-profit, foundation or endowment account, at the outset parties form a trusting relationship, promises are made, expectations are created, reliance and often complacency can take root, disappointments occur, communication wanes, account values continue to suffer, risks increase, prudence gaps manifest then arbitration claims or lawsuits are filed.

It’s best if we can be retained prior to the establishment of the new account (or new advisory) relationship to help prevent these types of situations  When lawsuits or claims are contemplated we prefer to be involved at the earliest opportunity prior to filing.

For concerns related to breach of fiduciary duty, self-dealing, conflict of interest or malfeasance or violations of FINRA or SEC securities industry rules and regulations please contact us at:

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