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English ship of the line and Barbary Corsairs 17th C
English ship of the line battle Barbary Corsairs 17th C.

Fiduciary responsibility cannot be delegated away even if a trustee uses a bank, trust company, financial advisor, stock broker, investment adviser or business manager to assist

Are you a trustee, ERISA pension plan or 401k plan sponsor? Or a trustee of a charity, non-profit organization, foundation or endowment? Fiduciary management of assets in trust rests on your shoulders, with personal responsibility. Fiduciaries are required to exercise a prudent process, in as much as few schools teach fiduciary responsibility trustees and ERISA Plan Sponsors can improve performance, meet fiduciary responsibilities and protect against claims for breach of fiduciary duty.

Are you a trust beneficiary, participant or beneficiary of a participant in an ERISA, Taft Hartley Act, or Public (State, county or local) pension benefit, 401k, 403b or 457 plan or a financial supporter of a non-profit? Losses, sub-index performance, Ponzi schemes may gain insights from McFid, the fiduciary expert.

Fiduciary Duty Expert Witness litigation consulting support, expert reports, testimony, opinions of fiduciary liability, damages in Trust, Estate and Probate; ERISA pension, profit sharing and 401k plans; Suitability, supervision in FINRA (NASD), Regulatory agency, SEC investigations; board of trustees, investment committees at HOAs, charities, tax exempt, 501 c-3 Non-profit organizations, Foundations & Endowments; and certain family law issues like QDROs from a spouse’s trust, 401k or ERISA plan.

Note: Fiduciary duty, if any, is:

  • In addition to,
  • May precede,
  • Supercedes suitability and may arise at any time, to any type of account, investment, asset or life insurance.

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In nearly every dispute whether trust or non-trust account, IRA, ERISA pension retirement benefit plan, charity, non-profit, foundation or endowment account, at the outset parties form a trusting relationship, promises are made, expectations are created, reliance and often complacency can take root, disappointments occur, communication wanes, account values continue to suffer, risks increase, prudence gaps manifest then arbitration claims or lawsuits are filed.

It’s best if we can be retained prior to the establishment of the new account (or new advisory) relationship to help prevent these types of situations  When lawsuits or claims are contemplated we prefer to be involved at the earliest opportunity prior to filing.

For concerns related to breach of fiduciary duty, self-dealing, conflict of interest or malfeasance or violations of FINRA or SEC securit

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