Breach of Fiduciary Duty -> Liability -> Damages -> Expert Testimony and Reports

Identifies strengths and weaknesses of fiduciary performance

Expert Witness & Litigation Support for Plaintiff and Defense counsel

Trustee, Co – trustees, Successor Trustees, Beneficiaries, Fiduciaries

  • Trust, Estate and Probate;
  • Divorce, Family law, QDROs; Employment;
  • FINRA (NASD) Arbitration, Securities litigation , NYSE, SEC, Regulatory investigations;
  • ERISA Qualified Defined Benefit Pension plans, Defined Contribution Profit Sharing and 401k plans;
  • Union, Taft-Hartley Plans, Multi-employer Plans;
  • Public Employees’ (State, County, City, Agency-Fire, Police) Pension Plans;
  • Non profits, Foundations & Endowments; 403 plans;
  • HOAs, Cemetery Funds, Guardian, Conservatorships

FiduciaryFORENSICSfull root and branch investigation includes current and historical parties, processes, policies, procedures, investments, asset tracing, documents, data and performance compared to prudent fiduciary standards of care.

* Note: FiduciaryFORENSICS™ applies to any type of account, investment,  asset, entity, insurance or annuity policy and or intellectual property deemed subject to a fiduciary standard of care.

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